How to Glow:
  Press the dispensing button to load the brush. Repeat  to deliver more powder. Take off the lid. Dust over  high cheek, shoulders, center of upper arms, clavicle  bone and decolleté. (Less is More).

Twist upper sheath  to the right. Slide sheath over brush. Click-on lid. Turn  left to click closed. Looks great on legs too!

                    Be Radiant !       Linda

 Price        $18.00
 Size:        .11 Oz 
 Item         BDBSP
The Bringing Beauty to Benefit . . .® Boutique & Classroom
.11 Oz / 3g   B. Price   $18.00





Make My Day Beautiful ! ®  Professional Media Make-Up

Bronze Shimmer Powder Strokes

Classy, Subtle Glow

Non-Toxic, Talc and Preservative Free

Powder Dispensing Brush Allows You to Control the Powder Flow

No Waste or Mess From "Flying Powder"

Wears Beautifully !

Love That Red Carpet Radiance ?
Here's The Product !