Please be sure to clean your brushes frequently with a professional make-up brush cleaner or antibacterial liquid soap. Rinse well and air dry overnight. To extend the longevity of your brushes, only wash the sponge tip or actual brush of any make-up "brush type" applicator. Immersing the entire brush in water, as you may to clean a hair brush, will break down the glue that attaches the hairs inside your brush.
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"Dual Duty Duet" Mirrored Compact 0.17 oz./ 4.8gms $16 .50   
Make My Day Beautiful ! ®  Professional Media Make-Up

"Dual Duty Duet"
Concealer/Eye Shadow Base
in Light and
Clarity Cream Mineral Setting Powder / Highlighting
Eye Shadow

   How do you improve upon your # 1 selling make-up product, since 1986? Still retaining its unprecedented performance, its formula has been updated now making it Talc and Paraben-Free. In addition, "Dual Duty" Concealer/Eye Shadow Base has been combined with "Clarity Cream", the very best mineral powder with which to set it. Both have been put into one convenient, dollar saving, sleek, green glamour, refillable compact.
    I've also found the best tool with which to apply these two products, the "Dual Duet Applicator". I choose to apply "Dual Duty" as both a concealer and an eye shadow base with the sponge tip applicator side. (Then I finish blending with my finger.) The sable shadow brush side of this applicator is perfect for applying "Clarity Cream", as both a setting powder for "Dual Duty" and a highlighting eye shadow.
    Please click onto the links in the title above for complete information about "Dual Duty" and "Clarity Cream". Each is also sold separately in full round compacts.

Talc and Paraben-Free

It is Also Refillable !
"Dual Duty Duet" Mirrored Refillable Compact-Light
"Dual Duty Duet" Mirrored Refillable Compact -Light, with Dual Duet Applicator
 Price              $16.50
 Price              $24.50
 Size  .17 oz./4.8 gms
 Size  .17 oz./4.8 gms
Item             BDDDD
Item             BDADD
Refill -"Dual Duty Concealer / Eye Shadow Base" - Light
1/2 Round
Refill -"Clarity Cream Mineral Setting Powder/ Highlighting Eye Shadow"  1/2 Round
"Dual Duet Applicator"
Sponge Tip & Sable Brush
 Price              $ 8.00
Price              $ 6.00
Price              $ 8.00
  Size  .1 oz./2.8 gms.
Size  .07 oz./2 gms.
Size                 6 1/2"
Item             BDDDH
Item             PCRCR
 Item             BDDAP
"Dual Duty Duet" Mirrored Compact with
"Dual Duet Applicator" (Save on shipping)   $24.50
Refill - "Dual Duty Concealer/Eye Shadow Base" - in Light
               0.1 oz./ 2.8 gms ( 1/2 round)                            $  8.00
Refill - "Clarity Cream Mineral Setting Powder/Highlighting
              Eye Shadow"   0.07oz/ 2 gms ( 1/2 round)      $  6.00

"Dual Duet Applicator" 6 1/2 inches, non-latex sponge tip,
              natural sable with wood & metal handle         $  8.00