My experience in skin care technology, the art of make-up design and visual styling began in 1977. “Make My Day Beautiful!®” was established in 1983 as the first, documented, on-location make-up design company in Northern California;  most often servicing Monterey to San Francisco.  Being the first of its type - at least in the Bay Area - I also needed to establish a place in which to advertise my company’s services.  It took a few meetings at the “Yellow Pages®; headquarters in Santa Clara (where we all advertised in the 1980’s) to convince them that my business was, indeed, worthy of a heading to represent it accurately.  No, I was not a “Beauty Salon”, but soon I owned a “Make-Up Studio”.  I convinced them to create the heading “Make-Up Studios, Supplies & Services” and include this heading in all of the phone books from Monterey to Marin.  I now had a means of getting the word out, and I did.  Make My Day Beautiful!® was the only company listed under this heading in all of these phone books, in which I advertised, for the first couple/few years, depending on the territory.  Then came the others.   

  While in the Bay Area, I provided make-up and styling services for advertising agencies and production companies.  I worked with many notable Silicon Valley corporations;  for their professional productions as well as - in some cases - providing image consulting services for their corporate ladder climbing employees.  Several of these corporations were IBM, Apple Computer, AMD and Hewlett-Packard.  Other Bay Area clients included Bill Graham Presents, Sebastiani Vineyards and “The Painter of Light”, Thomas Kinkade.  I also worked for a few magazine publishing companies, one being the publisher of “Runner’s World” and “FIT ” magazines, when they were located in Mountain View, CA.  Make My Day Beautiful!® was a long time member of the San Jose Film and Video Council and the San Jose Chamber of Commerce.  On the commercial side of the cosmetic industry, I worked as a guest make-up artist for Lancôme and CHANEL cosmetic companies.

  Sometimes, I was not the make-up artist/stylist for a production, but instead, I was the talent.  Having a successful print and commercial spokesmodel career aided greatly towards my financing of “Make My Day Beautiful!®”.  Throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s, I traveled internationally, representing several “Fortune 500” corporations; some of which include Rockwell International, General Tire/Saleen Autosport, Caterpillar, Cadillac, Mobil One Racing, Ford Trucks/Team Ford Racing and General Electric.  With these corporations that I’ve listed, I negotiated my own contracts and represented two of these corporations for well over half a decade.  Oh, the good old days: A little conversation, a simple contract and a handshake was all that was necessary for a lasting, mutually beneficial, business relationship based on integrity.  For the first 5 years that I owned Make My Day Beautiful!®, every cent that it generated went right back into the business.  In the modeling world, you had better have “Plan B” building in the wings, because 35 years old arrives way before you know it.  Though I often had a lot of balls in the air, I believe an angel or two helped me juggle.

  Realizing that “on-location” make-up and styling services for weddings was becoming quite marketable, in 1987 I opened the “Make My Day Beautiful!®” make-up studio/store.  Over the years the business  expanded twice in square footage becoming a complete bath, body, gift and wedding accessory boutique.  I was fortunate in that I had known, worked with and respected the ladies that worked with me in my business for years - prior to opening the store.  We were now the Make My Day Beautiful!® Professional Make-Up Designers”.  I believe that one of the big reasons for the success of the business was the consistency in customer service, as well as make-up application and business procedures.  I also had, and still have a good friend, Rhonda, who owned a very reputable hair salon with several talented stylists.  Her salon was very conveniently located in proximity to my business.  We all worked beautifully together as a traveling - on-location - styling team.

  Throughout the years, I personally had a three hour, private “skin care/make-up design consultation” with every bride whose wedding party make-up we ever did.  The number of brides - alone - to date is more than 1,400.  In some cases, Make My Day Beautiful!® has been of service to 3 generations of multiple family weddings and a participant in the production of some of the most elaborate weddings of Bay Area notables and Silicon Valley corporation founders.

  Always being very particular regarding the selection of products that I choose to work with and make available to my clients, has proven to be quite beneficial, in so many ways.   After much research, in 1984 I designed the “Make My Day Beautiful!®” line of make-up and skin care products.  Always having had very sensitive, problematic skin myself, all of the products - carefully chosen - are and always have been - free of chemical fragrance and mineral oil, allergy tested, water based and cruelty free.  Ahead of the times, all make-up compacts were “green”, in that they have always been magnetic and refillable, providing an economic advantage to my customer.  So they keep coming back.  Initially, I had some of the products packaged in more elaborate packaging (it was the 80’s).  However, in order to keep prices low and be able to offer the best value for “what’s inside” to my customers, in the late 90’s I decided to opt for inexpensive, though tasteful, packaging (8 ounce products did not have to become 6.7 ounce products for the same price).  It is unfortunate, though true, that in this industry a customer is often paying more for the cost of often deceptive packaging than they are paying for the quantity of quality ingredients contained.  Not to mention the advertising and marketing firm hype.  Of course, since I designed the initial Make My Day Beautiful!® product line, many products have been discontinued, and/or improved upon, plus there are constant, cutting edge additions.  For instance, in recent years, all powder products have become natural mineral products and are talc and paraben-free.  In addition to Make My Day Beautiful!® products, in the early 1990’s I began to incorporate several other highly effective, result oriented, professional product lines, to offer to my customers.  I’m proud to say that every product I represent is made in the USA or Canada, with the exception of an eyeliner pencil from Germany (where they make them best).

  The advancement of anti-aging skin care technology in recent decades is amazing.  I’ve always believed in total - inside and out - preventative, anti-aging practices and products.  Though I am not a fan of many common visual age altering procedures such as Botox® or injectable fillers and plumpers, I do understand why some people choose them.  To each his own.  I believe that you are what you ingest, and do facial exercises daily.  Also, as I tell my clients, “If for none other than selfish reasons, I will always continue to seek out the products that I believe to be the best, most cutting edge and cost effective in the industry.”

  After meeting my husband, Greg, in the mid 1990’s, and ready for something more than a successful career or two, I closed the store and continued the business on a much smaller scale;  from our South Valley home for a few years, and presently, from our home in the Sierra Foothills. 

  What’s great, is that after so many years in this business that is largely based on referrals, within the industry and by clientele, I still have a great business.  It truly “Make My Day Beautiful!®”  to talk with my clients; continue to catch up with them after all these years; let them know about my newest products; meet their daughter; or welcome their friend that they’ve referred to me for her wedding.

  If you are one of my clients and you are reading this, I truly appreciate your trust, loyalty and confidence in me and Make My Day Beautiful!® products.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

                                                                                          Have a Beautiful! Day,   Linda



February, 2009      Yes, of course!

  Very shortly after writing the initial draft of “About Make My Day Beautiful!®” for the launch of this website (Nov. ’08), we began to become much more involved with ways in which Make My Day Beautiful!® could provide more support to charities that we already believed in, contributed to, and whose events we regularly attended.  It needed to be more than a gift box for a silent auction, a gift certificate or product samples to be added to event gift bags.  This is when I made the commitment to Susan Reynolds, Executive Vice President of the Barbara Sinatra Childrenrs Center, to put together a complete kit of full sized skincare, make-up (age appropriate, of course) and brush kits, in travel bags for every girl who has the opportunity to attend their outstanding, 10 week, girls self-esteem program.  Greg and I personally assembled the bags in our hotel room and delivered them to the Children’s Center, following the Sinatra Invitational Event.  My commitment is to “deliver the goods” for every year that we remain physically capable to do so.  Having taught the make-up and wardrobe classes at John Robert Powers Finishing/Modeling School (1980 -1982, an 8 ½ month program) and re-designing their product line, of course, this was my commitment to make.


September, 2010    Grand Opening!

  Please click onto the “Bringing Beauty to Benefit…® Boutique” & Classroom, then click onto “The Story of How This Came About” to learn about the launch of our 2010 project.  I also began designing a new line of “green glamour” make-up products for the Professional “People’s Colors Collection” ® - introducing the Professional Refillable “People’s Colors Box” ®.  In addition, we introduced The “Cleo Eye Design” ® concept which features “The Cleo Sizzle” Holographic  Non-Toxic Eyeliner™.  It’s the very first product of its type to be completely non-toxic.  We are so fortunate to be able to attend and contribute to more well deserving charities than ever before (click “Photos of People Who Care”).  Congratulations! Michael Bolton Charities.  Welcome to California!


September, 2011    We’re Growing By Leaps and Bounds!

  In late 2010 my focus turned to dermatological skin care product development for people entering into what I call “reverse adolescence”.  After much research, back and forth consulting and “so what do you think about this?”, my manufacturing team and I brought to market some pretty powerful performers.  “Once Again With Blueberries RNA/DNA Revival Crème” being the superstar of the line.  Its official launch was at the Face & Body Expo in San Jose, this month.  It, as well as Make My Day Beautiful!®'s entire Dermatological Skin Care Line and Professional Media Make-Up products were met with rave reviews.  In response to our premier in this arena, I’m very proud to say that Make My Day Beautiful!® has been invited into salons and professional skin care practices all across the USA.  Yes!  And much thanks to all of my fellow industry professionals for your warm reception.  May you have as much success with Make My Day Beautiful!® products in your place of business as I’ve had in mine.  Please know, that I’m far from finished.  Several new products are on deck to launch in 2012. 

  Our other new venture was into the world of dance, where our Professional Refillable “People’s Colors Box” ® and “Cleo Eye Design” ® rocked!  Much thanks to “New York City Dance Alliance” for welcoming us in , and to the lovely people who provide facilities and opportunity for kids to dance across America. 

  A big “Thank You!” to our holistic friends.  We always look forward to seeing you at the expos and truly appreciate your acceptance and support of our products.  I know of no other platform where the environment is as mellow as it is entertaining. 

  We continued to enjoy meeting up with some of our favorite people at  annual charity events and have experienced some changes.  As members of the Thalians of Beverly Hills, we welcomed new benefit management and a new fund raising focus – Operation Mend.  What an opportunity to meet and thank the troops, some of whom have sacrificed so much.  God Bless You All.  This year’s “Mr. Wonderful”, Hugh Heffner, was also our gracious host and welcomed a sold-out crowd to The Mansion.  What a night to remember!

  Once Again, Congratulations! Michael Bolton Charities.  We’re honored for the opportunity to participate as sponsors of this year’s event.  Welcome to California! 


Stay Tuned for Updates.  Exciting things are happening!      Linda       

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