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Good Day / Good Night™
Foaming Gel Cleanser
Botanical Breeze™
 Good To Glow™
Glycolic Revitalizing
Strike The Set
Eye Make-Up Remover

Anti-Oxidant   Buff
8  fl. oz. 8  fl. oz. 8  fl. oz. 4  fl. oz. 5  fl. oz.
its_good_to_be_green_cleanser Alpha_Lipoic_Lifting_serum
It's Good To
  Be Green ®
Hydrating Cleanser &
Shave Gel
Illustrious Dawn™
Line Refining  Serum  
Alpha Lipoic
Acid Lifting
 Alpha Lipoic  Acid Lifting
Eye Crème
Once Again With Blueberries ® RNA/DNA
5  fl. oz. 1  fl. oz. 1  fl. oz. 0.5  fl. oz 2  oz
Sun_up_to_city_lights_SPF46_sun_block Make My Day Beautiful!®_Ring_Light_Effects_tm_Eye_and_Decollete_Souffle_Serum Pores_No_More_Mint_Clay_Masque
Sun Up
To City Lights™
SPF 46
Ring Light
Eye and
Pores No More
Mint Clay Masque
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New Product
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1 fl. oz.
3  fl. oz.
1  fl. oz.
1  fl. oz.

August, 2013   
  "It's Good To Be Green" ® 

  Make My Day Beautiful! ® exemplifies the meaning of "It's Good To Be Green" ®, throughout our entire brand, and we have done so for many years. The following is a list of points, some of which were necessary for us to provide to the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, in order to justify our use of this trademark:

We deliver innovative formulations of integrity & high performance, not just marketing hype.

Our make-up and skin care products contain pharmaceutical grade antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, botanical, marine botanical and natural micronized mineral ingredients.

Our ingredients are known to provide youth restorative, anti-aging, cell protective benefits.

Our formulations are as chemical-free as possible.

Our products are free of mineral oil, talc, parabens, gluten, phthalates, triclosan and man made fragrances.

If there is a fragrance, the fabulous aromatherapy benefits of our products are provided by the natural contents of our active antioxidant ingredients, such as orange oil, blueberries, papaya, coffee bean, cocoa bean, mint and lavender.

Our products are cruelty-free.

All of our products are made in the USA and Canada (with the exception of one eye liner pencil, that is made in Germany).

Though the formulations of our pressed make-up/compact products has changed throughout the years, our compacts have included magnets and have been refillable since the late 1980's.

Our packaging is made of recycled materials and is recyclable.

We provide truth in packaging. What you see, is what you get. We do not package our products in deceptive, oversized, thick walled containers.

Our customers are paying for the excellent quality ingredients within, not exorbitant packaging.

We provide generous product sizing to our customers. For example, our moisturizers are a full 2.0 ounces (not the current industry standard of 1.0 to 1.7 oz.). Once again, less packaging!

All of our skin care products come in containers that fully open - allowing you to be able to access and use every last drop of your product. Plus, giving you the option of refilling your containers.

Currently, most of our products do not come in boxes. In fact, we're in the process of ditching printed boxes completely. In order to do so, all product ingredients and best use instructions are printed on our containers, or on the labels to be attached to the finished product. If a box, or secondary packaging is necessary to contain multiple components, it has no print and is reusable.

Even the ink that we use, to print our labels, is the least toxic available.
We're proud to display the COMPLETE INGREDIENT DECK on all of our products, and our website, for all of the world to Google, unlike the companies that only print their product ingredients on the boxes - that they know will be thrown away. We wish to make people aware of the many cosmetic companies that only reveal the ingredients that one would hope to see contained in their products. They choose to hide the inexpensive, filler, chemical and often harmful ingredients that are truly the ingredients of maximum content inside their containers. Investing the time in researching a product, before you buy it, will often save you money and buyer's remorse, as well as enabling you to choose a quality product formulated to provide you with optimum, desired results.

Our patent pending "Gorgeous Glow To Go, Refillable Skin Care System" ™ is quick and convenient to refill, lightweight, durable and leak proof. It's great for travel and product sampling.

If one has been fortunate to have the opportunity to achieve enough success to live an enjoyable life, we believe that one now has the responsibility to help someone that may not have had such opportunities, to live an easier, more productive and enjoyable life. So we try to not miss an opportunity of Bringing Beauty to Benefit... ®, in hopes of making their day, and possibly their life, a little more beautiful.

  September, 2013     

As part of our "It's Good To Be Green"® "Ditch The Box! Campaign"™, from which we hope to draw awareness to the wasteful and unnecessary "over packaging" practices that are prevalent throughout the cosmetic and personal products industries, Make My Day Beautiful!® is proud to introduce our new Super Eco-Friendly "Box-Free" Day Spa Packaging for our - top selling - "Once Again With Blueberries RNA/DNA Revival Crème".

The deluxe spatula fits under the lid, on top of the Aluminum pressure seal that protects the valuable product contained within. The complete ingredient listing, best use instructions and all other important information is printed on the labels attached. In addition, we've dressed the lid with our new, signature, "Beautiful Day" label. Continue to enjoy the luxury of your resort experience at home and Have a Beautiful Day!

  once_again_with_blueberries_rna_dna_revival_creme              Once Again With Blueberries RNA DNA Revival Creme tm   
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